Hygiene guidelines

Dear Tenants and Clients,

Skyline Apartments strives to provide our tenants with the most relaxed and comfortable time during their stay with us. Besides providing a high standing infrastructure and service level, we are also dedicated to high hygiene standards. We provide regular cleaning services during your stay as well as between tenant changes.

In times of COVID-19 we would like to inform you in particular of the measures we’re taking in response to the epidemic. We are continuously reviewing our policies and procedures, in line with the recommendations provided by the governmental and health authorities. Our priority is to make sure our tenants and employees are safe and healthy.

Our cleaning staff has been instructed to pay special attention to potential infection sources (e.g. doorhandles, TV remote controls or light buttons) and clean them with disinfectant detergents.

If you wish, in the spirit of social distancing, that our cleaning staff reduces their weekly visits to your apartment please contact us via info@skyline-apartments.de or 069 24 24 97 97.

We hope you will have a great stay with us.

Marc Thamm

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